Please support the “Fundraiser for Cuba after Irma” 4 to 1 matching gift by Oct. 8th


FOR EVERY $1 THAT YOU GIVE MADE OUT TO MEDICC (which is tax deductible) for “Hurricane relief,” MEDICC and our allies in Chicago  will each double your gift, so that $4 will go to help CUBA REBUILD.  Please bring or send that to us by October 8, 2017 to: Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba, 633 West Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1410, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203, (414) 273-1040.

Sunday, October 8 at 7pm-9pm, featuring Latin music and culture. The Coffee House (19th St. & Wisconsin Avenue, MKE)  

See      Cuba Hurricane pic.jpg

Entertainers will include guitarist & vocalist Darele Bisquera, and Troubadour Tony Baez performing songs of love and struggle from the Hispanic world, plus New Orleans jazz and a special music performance from Havana!

map of hurricane Irma over Cuba.pngThis image shows the storm over Cuba. The eye of the storm is right by Milwaukee’s old sister city of Nuevitas, which is on the northern coast of Cuba.  Irma was a category 5 Hurricane from the time it hit Cuba and for 72 hours it spent its force on Cuba, being reduced to a Category 3 when it hit Florida. As members of Congress including Rep Kathy Castor from Tampa, FL and our own Rep. Gwen Moore, wrote, “Cuba absorbed much of the impact from Hurricane Irma which lessened the damage to southern Florida and the United States.” Their letter asks Pres. Trump to use his power to lift restrictions and thus to allow U.S. companies to sell re-construction materials to Cubans

Cuba is the only area affected by the recent hurricanes which is subject to U.S. economic sanctions (as it has been for over 50 years).

It is also the only nation in the area which has sent over 700 doctors and medical personnel to aid people in  other Caribbean islands devastated by hurricane. see Irma: Cuba sends hundreds of doctors to Caribbean islands devastated by hurricane (September 9 2017, The Independent UK)

Please support this event, or you can make a tax deductible donation, 100% of which will go to Cuba: by Donating to’s CUBA HURRICANE RELIEF FUND NOW!


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