Strolling Through the Streets of Cuba [Photo Essay]



“It’s the city in all its diversity and the way it evolves that interests me,” says Paris-Based photographer Aliocha Boi. Inspired by urban environment, he creates documentary images born from daily explorations and a real fascination for composition and symmetry.

“It struck me how the people of Cuba were still strongly attached to Fidel Castro.”
This time, Boi takes us to a fascinating journey to Cuba. Taken two weeks prior to the passing of Fidel Castro, the images convey the vision of the country the photographer had moments before the national mourning. He recalls: “It struck me how the people of Cuba were still strongly attached to the one who had incarnated for decades hope and despair, finding slogans, posters and portraits of him everywhere.” While strolling around the streets for several hours, Boi was able to observe many contrasts, within Cuban architecture and social structure. During his stay, the photographer was also able to talk to few locals, whom he found “very endearing.” His series, consisting of both the portraits and street scenes, and built around light play, is the result of his observations.

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