Scott Walker to visit Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba

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Written December 28, 2016

Gov. Scott Walker is traveling to the U.S. Navy Base and terrorist prison in Cuba Thursday.

The Republican governor is going to visit troops of the Wisconsin Army National Guard, which invited him to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay.

Walker will be visiting the 32nd Military Police Company, which is based in Milwaukee and is supporting the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. That military prison houses inmates captured in Afghanistan, Iraq and other locations around the world as part of the fight against terrorism.

The U.S. Navy has maintained the base in southeastern Cuba since 1903 and detainees have been held there since 2002 for alleged terrorism. President Barack Obama has sought to close the prison and transfer detainees to other locations but it remains in operation.

Walker will be accompanied by the adjutant general of the Wisconsin National Guard, Major Gen. Donald Dunbar, and the two men will return to the state on Friday.

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