Cuba and Obama

A Friend from Havana commented on John Kerry & The Opening of the U.S. Embassy in Havana

Click here for the video!

Below is the email from a friend in Havana on August:

“It was a beautiful sunny day, and the sea in the background was exhibiting its most wonderful shade of blue. The flag looked as the queen of an absolutely cloudless sky. A good omen for the future?

Here everybody thinks that after this there will be many improvements in life quality: food, transport… internet…

So, you may not understand what I appreciate the most: It’s the first time in so many years that we don’t feel threatened by a military aggression!

Besides all the positive that may come after today’s event, peace is what we value above everything.

Whenever I watch wars and violence in so many parts of the world, I always tell myself that we can endure any kind of shortages. But a war… that’s a curse.
Let’s hope that we will be able to live in peace, respect each other, and take advantage of all our peoples can offer. Friendship as the first gift!”

Click here for the video!

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