Dr. Luther Castillo, a leader of the Garifuna People, to Speak on Sun. Sept. 27, 4 PM, with Premiere of “Revolutionary Medicine” Documentary

Dr. Castillo was president of the first graduating class of Cuba’s renowned international school of medicine (ELAM), which provides free medical education for committed young people who promise to return and work as doctors in underserved communities in their homelands. ELAM is currently educating two women from Wisconsin.

Dr. Castillo is a leader of the Garifuna people, Central American descendants of Africans who escaped from the Atlantic Slave trade.  He is featured in two inspiring documentaries, “Revolutionary Medicine” and “Salud,” as  the founder of the first Garifuna hospital. See the Milwaukee premiere of “Revolutionary Medicine” with the film maker present, and hear how the hospital’s alternative health model is transforming communities on Honduras’ Northern Coast & standing as an alternative to the increasingly privatized national health system. Could a remote hospital that runs on solar panels, in a community without paved roads or electricity, provide a new global model for health care?

Sunday, Sept. 27, 4 pm, at Central United Methodist Church, 639 N. 25th St. (at Wisconsin Avenue).
Free & Open to the public; donations accepted to support this work.

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