Friendshipment Welcome/Fundraiser Follow-Up

Thank you to all who made the event such a success!

Thanks to those of you who turned out and/or donated to support this year’s IFCO/Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan — we had 50 people attend and generated at least $14,000 in donations to IFCO to send needed medical supplies to Cuba this July! The goal for the 2023 caravan is to take 75 people and 5 tons of badly needed medicines and medical supplies. If you haven’t yet pitched in, text IFCO to 646.859.5344, donate at the website (be sure to note your gift is for Medical Aid), or mail a check to IFCO at P.O.Box 1368, Orange, New Jersey 07051-1368 (again, be sure to write medical aid in the memo line). All donations are tax deductible.

IFCO can also accept in-kind donations of priority medical supplies — e-mail for more information on what is needed and how to get it on the Caravan.

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