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Registration Deadline Extended for Witness for Peace February Travel

Curious about Cuba — Arts, Culture, US-Cuba Relations, Feb. 10-19

Experience firsthand how Cuba’s 11 million people enjoy social services, education, health care, food, housing, safety and the arts. Learn more about the island nation just 90 miles from US shore and how it has met these challenges for more than 60 years while under the U.S. embargo.

The Witness for Peace delegation will interact those engaged in:

  • Social programs, medical care, food production
  • Education, both youth and communities
  • The new Family Code and how it came about
  • Arts, literature, music and dance
  • The literacy campaign that made Cuba a UN-designated “illiteracy-free zone”
  • The effects of the embargo and why it must end
  • The Martin Luther King Center, a vibrant hub for community education
  • And much more ….

Cost: $2,400 plus airfare & $100 visa fee; $2,400 due December 30th, 2022 (deadline extended if delegation is not full)

Delegation fee covers all lodging, meals, interpretation and transportation within Cuba. You will also receive extensive reading material and activist tools. Not covered: airfare, gratuities.

For more information, contact Diane Stradling, Witness for Peace • • (603) 431-2525

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