The Cuban Missile Crisis @ 60: The Most Dangerous Day

Joint Chiefs: “The president has a feeling that time is running out”
Cascade of human errors, nuclear-armed flashpoints on October 27 nearly started World War III by accident
JFK: “always some SOB who doesn’t get the word”

Washington, D.C., October 27, 2022 – The most dangerous 24 hours of the Cuban Missile Crisis came on Saturday, October 27, 1962, 60 years ago today, as the U.S. moved closer to attacking Cuba and nuclear-armed flashpoints erupted over Siberia, at the quarantine line, and in Cuba itself—a rapid escalation that convinced both…

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See also, Backstory on the Missile Crisis 60th Anniversary, the US & Cuba 1959-1962 from the Diary of a Heartland Radical blog

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