Cubans to vote on law recognizing families, regardless of sex or gender identity

Residents attend a popular consultation to discuss the draft of a new Family Code, in Havana, Cuba, Feb. 11, 2022. Vecinos asisten a consulta popular para discutir el proyecto de un nuevo Código de Familia, en La Habana. | Ramon Espinosa / AP

Related: reports on the process leading to finalization of the new version of the Family Code, which will go before voters on September 25th.

People’ — If approved by Cuban voters next month, the country’s new Family Code will stand as a social revolution, enshrining the right of all people to form a family regardless of sex or gender identity and recognizing a variety of family forms. On July 22, the National Assembly of Cuba passed the bill, a legal document that responds to the reality of Cuban families today. That decision set in motion a popular referendum that will take place September.

The Family Code, as explained by a young Cuban activist, “protects vulnerable people more, brings together a number of measures to help society, [and] enables new opportunities since it recognizes…the family bond of people.”

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