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Why Children In Cuba Get The Best Musical Education In The World

All the studies suggest that music education for kids — which includes learning at least one instrument — has dozens of benefits. Neuroscientists say it improves linguistic function, math abilities, listening and communication skills, and other brain development niceties. These kids are also better behaved and are less likely to skip school. At least until they discover punk rock.

Most students in the U.S. don’t spend a lot of time in the practice room. In fact, American schools require no more than 45 minutes of music education a week, and most of that is just fumbling with plastic recorders. If you look 90 miles south, you’ll find a country that treats their music department the way Texas treats youth football. Yes, Cuba lacks an open Internet, free press, economic prosperity, freedom to travel, and has suffered under 60 years of despotism, but when it comes to music education, they kind of crush it. — Read More —

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