NPR: Protesters in Cuba face severe sentences as crackdown continues

NPR’s Asma Khalid talks with Ed Augustin, correspondent for The Guardian in Cuba, about the ongoing trials against hundreds of people who participated in mass protests in the summer of 2021.

“But the thrust, the driving force of the complaints with protesters I spoke to was the dire economic situation that the government and people, more importantly, are facing. And there are two proximate causes for that. One is the pandemic that’s completely shattered tourism, which is a major earner, and the other is U.S. economic warfare.”

Despite the headline affixed to this report based on an interview the the Guardian’s Ed Augustine, this story contains brief references to facts that US media, including NPR rarely share with their followers, including a comparison of numbers of political prisoners in Cuba proper, compared to [the US Navy base/detention camp ] at Guantanamo; and the fact that the Cuban trials are based on actual evidence — including violence in some if not all or most cases.

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