Christmas Vigil Thursday, Dec 23rd at 6PM: Peace on Earth & Lift the US Blockade on Cuba

Join our Christmas vigil for Peace on Earth and to Lift the US Blockade of Cuba! Click here to view the event details on Facebook.

Answering a call by Cuban-Americans and others in Miami, Milwaukee area supporters of normal relations between the US and Cuba will gather on Thursday evening December 23 at 6 PM in front of the Peace center, 1001 E. Keefe Avenue Milwaukee 53212 to show their support for “Peace on Earth“ and to “Lift the 60 year old US embargo on Cuba.”

Organizers plan to take photos, share them with other supporters across the country, including in Florida, and also in Cuba, to show our Cuban neighbors that they are not alone.

“We face many problems in common and can learn from each other. During this continuing pandemic, cooperation is a must. Only the U.S. and Cuba in our hemisphere have developed effective vaccines against COVID-19. Cuba is now far more vaccinated and has cut its rate of infections and deaths by over 98%, according to Reuters agency, whereas in Wisconsin our numbers continue to be very high and threaten our health system and staff,” stated the Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba’s Art Heitzer.

This Christmas season show of neighborly support is sponsored by the Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba, the End the Wars Coalition, and Peace Action Wisconsin.

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