Perspective: When it comes to hurricanes, the U.S. can learn a lot from Cuba

A man kayaks down Route 51, which was flooded and impassable to vehicles by Hurricane Ida on Aug. 31 in LaPlace, La. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)

According to an independent study on Cuban disaster preparedness, Cuba has created “an innate culture of hurricanes, resilience and safety,” ensuring “that the population is aware of the country’s risk reduction system, educated in risk consciousness and disaster mitigation, able to use the lifeline structures in an emergency and actively participate in disaster preparation.” As a result, disaster preparation has been successful at saving lives in Cuba. 

A perspective piece by Mikael Wolfe, assistant professor of history at Stanford University, highlights what the U.S. can learn from Cuba. He is currently working on a book project titled “Rebellious Climates: How Extreme Weather Shaped the Cuban Revolution.”

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