Cuba’s economic woes may fuel America’s next migrant crisis

Cubans wearing face masks wait to buy food near a mural about the Cuban Communist Party and the Cuban Revolution.
Cubans wait to buy food in Havana, March 22, 2021. Yamil Lage/AFP via Getty Images

Trump’s “maximum pressure” approach to Cuban immigration to the US created pent-up demand to leave Cuba. This is exacerbated by the shortages caused by the US embargos against the island nation, and experts agree that a crisis is coming soon. Cutting off people-to-people educational travel and cash remittances between the US and Cuba has cost the country about US$4billion, and COVID caused the tourism industry to shrink by 75%. Thanks to food and fuel shortages and even shortages in personal hygiene products, Cubans are trying to join relatives in the US in numbers that may become similar to those in 1994. This article from “The Conversation”, written by Professor William M. LeoGrande of the American University’s School of Public Affairs, spells out how the crisis may unfold.

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