Cuban Policing – How Does It Compare to the US?

photo from https://progresoweekly.us/lessons-from-the-cuban-police/

As people across the US continue to demonstrate in support of Black Lives Matter, we are seeing a level of action against racism not seen since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Across the country, people are reviewing police practices and methods and questioning the role of law enforcement in our communities. What can we learn from the policies of other countries, such as Cuba?  See this article from The Progressive about Cuban police practices and another from Legal Form explaining why Cuban police don’t have the same level of racial violence that we see here. See also the July 7 program “Why There Are No George Floyds In Cuba,” which can be viewed and shared here, and especially the remarks and answers by Soffiyah Elijah, an expert on police and corrections issues in the U.S. and Cuba.

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  1. Cuba IS a communist country which does not respect Human Rights and which uses repressive forces such as the police and State Security to force their people to comply with the wishes and designs of the state. The Cuban police routinely abuses, makes false arrests and detentions and does not have to abide by due process. In Cuba there is no Habeus Corpus or any other civil rights. The police can break into your house at any time and take you, charge you and then put you in the hands of a magistrate that will condemn you. Your defence can only bento plead mercy. Cuba had thousands of political prisoners and more than two
    Million citizens who have had to flee the repressive totalitarian regime. The only country worse than Cuba is North Korea.

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