Watch the June 23 Event: Revolutionary Medicine in a Time of Pandemic

Did you miss the event? We recorded it for you! Click here to watch our very informative virtual event!

photo courtesy of @CubanoCuba

The Zoom event included a clip from the documentary “Revolutionary Medicine,” which highlights the impact of ELAM, Cuba’s international medical school that is free of charge, asking only that its graduates serve the underserved; with an inspiring appearance by Dr. Abraham Vela, a graduate of ELAM who works as a doctor in Los Angeles; and information on IFCO/Pastors for Peace from its Executive Director, Gail Walker. If you couldn’t be with us on June 23rd, we recorded the event for you to watch and share at your leisure. Click here to watch.

This acclaimed film tells one remarkable story of a marginalized population that worked together and built a hospital for their community. Click here to see the trailer for this amazing film.

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  1. Cuba is under a communist tyranny. There is nothing in Cuba worth seeing and every euro spent there is one more euro for the Castro dictatorship. The Cuban government has assassinated thousands of its citizens, it has caused an exodus of over two million more, in a country of only 6 million, and has revoked the citizenship of millions of Cubans simply because they have chosen to leave the island and seek freedom. Please do not travel to that captive island where people suffer the lack of everything, not because of an embargo imposed by the US, but because of the repression of their own government.

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