[Note: even though the deadline may have passed, we post this as an example of recent group trips to Cuba] MEDICC- Exploring Health, Wellness & Culture in Cuba

A MEDICC Gateways Professional Research Opportunity

Final Registration Deadline!
November 13, 2019
Join MEDICC for an insider’s look at intersections between health and culture in Cuba’s unique and historic capital!

 February 16-22, 2020 – Registration Deadline November 13, 2019
Where: Cuba’s capital city of Havana, just past its 500-year anniversary
Who: MEDICC welcomes all whose area of expertise and/or profession is medicine, health or wellness; as well as artists, photographers, actors, musicians and other cultural workers whose professional life includes culture as a component of health, contributing to improved social determinants of health or individual/population wellbeing.
Online Registration:  Click on this link for the online registration form.
Contact: For more information, please contact Elizabeth Sayre, MEDICC Gateways Program Director, esayre@mediccglobal.org

An extraordinary itinerary is in the works on the tail end of Havana’s 500th Anniversary year, including learning from participatory community projects, natural/traditional medical therapies, artists’ cooperatives, mental health centers, neighborhood family doctor-and-nurse offices, children’s theater ….and finally, the HistArtMed program that brings together Cuban health professionals and the country’s vibrant culture, past and present.
As required by US law, participants will attend a full time schedule of activities during the day, while evenings will be free for exploring the city’s restaurants and nightlife. 
Travel with this MEDICC group is 100% legal under the US Treasury Department, OFAC General License, Professional Meetings and Professional Research category, CACR 515.564, as updated in June 2019.

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