Experience a Unique Country Achieving A High Level Of Human Development At Sustainable Ecological Levels

The World Wildlife Fund’s 2006 LIVING PLANET report found only one country had high human development (long life expectancy & good health indicators, high levels of literacy & education, etc.) and an acceptably low ecological footprint: Cuba!  

Since its 1959 revolution, Cuba has prioritized social services, human development and culture over a profit model; more than doubled its forested areas; and protected coral reefs better than anywhere else. At the same time, Cuba has faced what our government describes as “the most comprehensive set of U.S. sanctions [imposed] on any country.” [GAO, Nov 2007]

Since April 1960 our government’s official but little known policy against Cuba was designed “to bring about hunger, desperation, and overthrow of government.” Still in place after nearly 60 years, the policy has been intensified by the Trump administration, which is now actively interfering with fuel shipments to Cuba. Yet the Cuban people remain very warm and welcoming to Americans, and encourage you to come see Cuba for yourself.  Help build bridges between the people of Cuba and the U.S.!

What can you do?

  1. Learn more! visit
  2. Ask your Congressional Representatives to end U.S. restrictions on trade and travel with Cuba
  3. Visit Cuba! For travel & tour information see:

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