6 CUBA TRAVEL FACTS, from National Lawyers Guild Cuba Subcommittee, June 21, 2017  

Cuba Travel Facts from National Lawyers Guild Cuba Subcommittee, June 21, 2017

1.    The U.S. Supreme Court recognizes that we have a constitutional right to travel, but says it is not absolute.

2.   There are 12 categories for U.S. citizens\residents to travel to Cuba & spend money legally, according to the US government.

3.   Congress can change what these 12 categories are; the Administration can change how they are defined and fulfilled.

4.    55 U.S. Senators have co-sponsored a total repeal of those travel restrictions, but the Senate leadership has not allowed a vote. The U.S. House of Representatives with a Republican majority had previously voted to deny any funds to enforce these restrictions; but more recently Speaker Paul Ryan has effectively blocked such a vote in the House.

5.   For only 6 of the 8 years under President George W. Bush, the U.S. attempted active enforcement of these restrictions, but abandoned that in late 2006 after strong opposition, civil disobedience, and other political setbacks.

6.  Our standard advice to any U.S. travelers to Cuba 2 is: 1) never lie to a U.S.  government official; and 2) do not supply any information about spending any money or engaging in any transactions in Cuba or with a Cuban national.  You have a Constitutional right to remain silent about such matters under the 5th Amendment.

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