Report on the June 27th Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba + MU Muralist Event!

Hold this up to a mirror to read 2 messages!

Our June 27th event was quite a success. Over 75 people, ranging from MU students, staff & alum; adult Black sorority & many other African American women & others showing their support; Casa Maria Catholic Worker folks (who received the extra food for their mission on the Westside); Central UMC members and other Protestant & Unitarian congregants; and leaders and members of Mosque No. 3; to name a few. We raised nearly $1,000 in donations, and loaded c.40 packages of crutches, bikes, wheel chairs, medical books & supplies, etc. To follow the Caravan’s progress in some 50 other U.S. cities, follow Pastors for Peace’s Facebook page.

The Marquette U students & staff gave a heartfelt presentation of their experiences with the mural project that the MU administration summarily destroyed & then terminated the Center Director. For anyone interested, they have set up a study collective that will have its first meeting on Sunday, July 26th, with a discussion of the autobiography, Assata.

Purdue Prof. Harry Targ began his talk with this moving poem on the conditions in Cuba that led to the 1959 Revolution, which he followed with a brief but scholarly history of US/Cuba relations and the current status here 

Helpers of all ages make the Caravan roll!
(Scot went on the Caravan in 2014; he was so moved that he bought this bus for the Cuban people in 2015 & drove it all the way from Milwaukee to Salt Lake & then Texas, en route to Cuba!)

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