Donate humanitarian supplies to help break the 50+ year U.S. economic blockade against our neighbors in Cuba.

We will once again be giving particular priority to construction supplies to support Cuba’s efforts to tackle its housing shortage, which is exacerbated every time a hurricane hits the island.


Plumbing: nuts, bolts, washers, rubber gaskets and all thread, pipe cutters, pipe vices, wrenches, toilets, sinks, faucets, CPVC plastic pipe fittings, drains and stoppers, pipes, shower fixtures, flusher valves

Carpentry: nails, hammers, screws, power drills, flashing, wall anchors, saws and saw blades, banding tools, door hanging tools, ladders, jacks, plaster, sandpaper, levels, tape measures

Electrical: any electrical wiring, fasteners, electrical boxes and covers, electrician tools, energy efficient lighting and bulbs, extension cords and adapters, generators, electric line testers, electrical tape

Masonry: grouts, sealants, horizontal reinforcing, masonry admixtures, concrete, masonry hand tools (floats, trowels), chisels (wood and masonry)

Painting: brushes, rollers, lead-free paint, brush extenders, paint plates

Protective Gear: dust masks, work gloves, protective eyeglasses What we take in general…

Vehicles: School buses, ambulances, trucks, pick-ups, mobile libraries (bookmobiles) – diesel & stick shift preferred – in good condition and with at least several years of life left in them.

Computers: IBM compatible computers with Pentium III or better processors, and all computer accessories/peripherals. Must have Windows XP as the operating system. Mac’s are also acceptable. Must be in full working order. All types of printers but especially Epson LX 300 and HP laser jet 1200.

Educational supplies: All types of educational materials including for writing on and with etc (but pen, pencils, paper etc must be new/unused)

Medical equipment/supplies/medicines: All kinds if equipment in good working order, supplies sterile and supplies/medicines with expiry date Feb 1, 2016 or later

Books: Medical and scientific textbooks and journals in Spanish or English

Alternative transportation/energy equipment: e.g. Bicycles (good condition), solar panels

Sports/arts/cultural equipment: All kinds if in good condition.

Musical Equipment: Musical instruments especially, DJ equipment, sound equipment

Bibles: All Bibles must be in Spanish.

Food: Powdered milk, infant formula, dietary supplements – in original factory-sealed containers.

Agricultural and car mechanics tools: Tools must be in good condition or new.

Home supplies: Factory new clothing in bulk quantities.

What we don’t take, because it is inappropriate or because Mexican customs won’t let it through:

Anything that is not in good working order or is rusty

Medication and medical supplies that have already expired or will reach their expiry date before February 1, 2016

Medication and medical supplies that have been opened

Computers older than Pentium III (about 8 years old) or that are not IBM compatible

Books, in English or Spanish, that are not medical or scientific text books/journals

Any clothing, sheets, towels, etc. that aren’t new.

Used paper

Canned food

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