Apertura: Photography in Cuba Today, Exhibit at the Chazen Museum of Art in Madison, WI

From March 6 to June 21, 2015, stop by University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Chazen Museum of Art for a special art exhibit on Cuban Photography.

Apertura: Photography in Cuba Today explores the way photography is used, understood, and experienced in Cuba in times of transition. It includes photography-based installations, digital photomontage and “intervened photography” by eight contemporary Cuban artists. The premise of the exhibition is to explore how photography and photographic practice have changed on the island over the last two decades and how it creates meaning in light of the technological, philosophical and aesthetic changes of the last decades. In contrast with the highly stylized documentation of the young Revolution, the new Cuban photography aims to shape reality by creating a syntax of expressive artifacts, one in which the printed image becomes one element in a complex discursive practice. New Cuban photography-based art creates an imaginary space of aesthetic openness—apertura in Spanish—against or in play with what is perceived to be an artificially stagnant political reality.

The Museums is located at 750 University Avenue in Madison, WI.
For more information on this exhibit, click here. 

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