Experiencing Cuba: Artists Books of Ediciones Vigía and Photographs of Joseph Mougel

Just a friendly reminder that this event is still going on from now until December 20th!

“… the production of this art collective has been deeply influenced by the nature of materials shortages on the island. Ediciones Vigia has demonstrated for decades that artistic expression can never be suppressed by international or domestic machinations…. Vigia’s esthetic is specific to this local environment, while also being very international in reach. In this sense, hardship breeds community, beauty, and meaning. Beauty and meaning engender understanding, compassion, and positive response. Ars longa, and thus ultimately will always triumph over politics.”  –Max Yela, Head, Special Collections, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries and part of the panel presenting at Redlines on Friday Dec. 5, 6-8pm.
The Wisconsin Gazette Reviewed the exhibit showing the works of Cuban co-op publisher of handmade artists books “like illuminated manuscripts”. For their full review, click here. 
In addition, check out this awesome trailer on Ediciones Vigia.

Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba

Beginning October 23, 2014 until December 20, 2014, the RedLine Art Gallery in Milwaukee will be featuring a special exhibit on Cuba!


Experiencing Cuba: Artists Books of Ediciones Vigía and Photographs of Joseph Mougel showcases 26 handcrafted books from the Ediciones Vigía publishing house in Matanzas, Cuba, housed in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Special Collections Library, and photographs of Cuba from artist Joseph Mougel.

Ediciones Vigía was founded in 1985 as a haven for local artists and writers during a time of political struggle and resource scarcity. As the press evolved, volunteer artisans began to work collaboratively to create handmade books that combine art, literature, and moveable parts. The books they have crafted, and continue to craft today, are collaged from repurposed materials such as driftwood, photocopies of handwritten text, butcher paper, and tin foil.

Accompanying the Ediciones Vigía books is the photographic work of Joseph Mougel, Assistant Professor and…

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