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Fr. William J. Brennan, SJ. – PRESENTE!

We are sad to announce the passing of  our loyal supporter Father William J. Brennan, SJ. at age 94.

Fr. Bill devoted his adult life to issues of justice and for the poor and struggling peoples in and from the people of Latin America. A turning point in his life was the U.S. intervention in Guatemala (see below). He joined the Pastors for Peace Caravan from Milwaukee to Cuba in 2007. He also wrote to the Cuban 5 in prison and personally visited Fernando Gonzalez at least twice in federal prisons in Wisconsin and Terre Haute, Indiana.

Wisconsin Jesuit priest joins humanitarian caravan to Cuba

By Cheri Mantz
Catholic News Service
MILWAUKEE (CNS) — In his 87 years, many memories have formed in Jesuit Father Bill Brennan’s mind.

An experience that he said changed his life took place in 1954 in Guatemala. While he was serving as a missionary in Honduras, his parents journeyed from Milwaukee to Honduras and he convinced them to travel to Guatemala to go sightseeing. However, the travelers didn’t know that the U.S. CIA was beginning a coup against the elected government of Guatemala.

For the full article, click here. 


For more information on Father Brennan and his legacy, please visit the following links:

In Memoriam – Wisconsin Province Jesuits 

Jesuit, 87, joins Humanitarian Convoy to Cuba

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