“Cuban 5” mark 10 years of imprisonment


Our coalition is supporting a petition campaign for the “Cuban 5,” who were arrested on September 12, 1998, and whose convictions on conspiracy charges are now the subject of a request for review by the US Supreme Court. They came from Cuba to Florida to monitor counter-revolutionary exile terrorist organizations and their trial in Miami was called a “perfect storm” of anti-Cuba prejudice and prosecutorial misconduct, by a unanimous panel of the 11th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals (that decision was since vacated in an unusual reconsideration by all members of that court).

In June 2009, the U.S. supreme Court declined to take their appeal. Three of them will be re-sentenced soon, probably this Fall.

For a copy of the petition (PDF), see

For more information on the Cuban 5, see these websites: (English & Espanol)

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