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“Guantanamo: What the World Should Know” program on November 9th was a success; it raised hundreds of dollars in aid for Cuban and Haitian flood victims. It was also requested to be shown twice on December 12th, at the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, and at the Islamic Society of Milwaukee, and on January 9th at Unity Lutheran Church in Bayview. It has been very well attended and received. Inquire about having the program presented to your organization!

Timeline of legal and judicial events related to Guantanamo Bay
Miami Herald
November, 11, 2005

websites: (A website calling for due process for David Hicks, an Australian citizen imprisoned in Guantanamo)
the Center for Constitutional Rights

Guantánamo information archive:

Inquiry Finds Abuses at Guantánamo Bay
NY Times

Hicks details US brutality (12/13/2004)

Guantánamo Torture and Humiliation Still Going On, Says Shackled Briton (12/11/04)

Permanent Jail Set for Guantánamo (12/9/04)

Red Cross President Plans Visit to Washington on Question of Detainees’ Treatment (12/1/04)

CCR Seeks Criminal Investigation in Germany into Culpability of U.S. Officials in Abu Ghraib Torture

Red Cross Finds Detainee Abuse in Guantánamo (11/30/04)

Justices Asked to Rule on Detainees (11/24/04)

Aussie Guantanamo Detainee Tells Father He’s Going Insane (11/1/04)

Senators Worry Over Detainees’ Treatment (10/25/04)

Administration Officials Split Over Stalled Military Tribunals (10/25/04)

After Terror, a Secret Rewriting of Military Law (10/24/04)

Guantanamo Prison by Jane Franklin (10/22/04)

Letter from Guantanamo prisoner (10/3/04)

Cuban statement on US detention of Afghan detainees in Guantanamo Bay (1/11/02)

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