Films by Saul Landau: $20 each (including postage)

“Will The Real Terrorist Please Stand Up?” 50 years of U.S.-Cuba relations are chronicled through the story of the Cuban 5. 

“Fidel” With special features (excerpt from Saul Landau’s production diary, director’s commentary, interview with Saul Landau, short subject:  Saul Landau’s 1974 “Fidel + Cuba.”  (This is the film that prompted the bombing of WNET & Fifth Avenue Cinema in New York City and the theatre in Los Angeles to be burned to the ground!)

“The Sixth Sun:  Mayan Uprising in Chiapas”  First-hand footage of the Zapatista uprising against NAFTA on January 1, 1994, as well as interviews with Subcomandante Marcos and never-before-filmed Mayan rituals.

“We Don’t Play Golf Here: And Other Stories of Globalization” Neoliberalism and its effects on Mexico’s communities.


Other DVDs available:

-Mission Against Terror, a Cuban/Irish documentary on the case of the Cuban 5 ($10)

-Race Relations in Cuba: A speech given by Professor Isaac Saney at the Wisconsin Black Historical Society. ($10)

Call (414) 273-1040 for more info on the DVDs.


For those who have traveled to Cuba, buttons for $1:

prices for larger quantities:

10-25: $ .90 each
25-100: $ .75 ”
100+: $ .65 ”

We also have a collection of very interesting Cuba-related books for sale.

Please call (414) 273-1040 for more information.

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